KAA-Boomers have a lot they want to experience. They are going to change the world again. They are not interested in disengaging but in living and enjoying the next 40 years of their lives. That will mean everything from travel, experiencing the world and what it has to offer, how they live, communicate and transport themselves.

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When you make the decision to retire, the world can be your oyster. There’s nothing written in stone that says your present address needs to be your home during retirement. In fact, with no workaday obligations to tie them down, many Canadians pick up and move to retirement communities elsewhere within the country or even [...]


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KAA-Boomers can have their retirement cake and eat it too—by taking some simple pre-retirement steps now to ensure a problem-free future. If you’ve made the decision to retire at a set age, congratulations! You’re preparing to join millions of people who have said goodbye to the daily grind for a life of relaxation, low stress [...]


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Most of us plan to retire with our spouses. Then, one day in our 40s, 50s, even 60s, we wake up single and facing the dating scene. And that’s not only scary after decades of being with just one partner, it’s downright confusing when the realization sinks in that dating has changed considerable since the [...]