Over half of people retiring today are retiring with debt. This means that they will need to work at least part time to ensure that they can maintain the lifestyle they want. Stay tuned as we look at ways you can stay in control of your future.

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Many KAA-Boomers are drawn to the dream of creating their own business, but do you have what it takes to fly solo? Here are a few points to consider BEFORE you strike out on your own. Many KAA-Boomers are discovering their inner entrepreneur. After years of working for a wage, they find themselves listening to [...]


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When you make the decision to retire, the world can be your oyster. There’s nothing written in stone that says your present address needs to be your home during retirement. In fact, with no workaday obligations to tie them down, many Canadians pick up and move to retirement communities elsewhere within the country or even [...]


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Now that you’re on the road to retirement, you may be thinking about investing some of your earnings or savings to build a retirement nest egg or just supplement your income. It’s a great strategy—provided that you set realistic goals and create a plan for getting there. The following checklist will offer a basic overview [...]


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You may have big plans for retirement, but can you afford them? Fifty percent of KAA-boomers will retire with debt. Here are a few simple tools to help you get control of debt now for smooth sailing in the future. Getting Control of Debt Before You Retire Debt can be a hard habit to break [...]


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KAA-Boomers can have their retirement cake and eat it too—by taking some simple pre-retirement steps now to ensure a problem-free future. If you’ve made the decision to retire at a set age, congratulations! You’re preparing to join millions of people who have said goodbye to the daily grind for a life of relaxation, low stress [...]