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Ocean Delight Cottages: Jerry Byrne



Jerry Byrne, Ocean Delight Cottages

Everyone has a story, I personally find the stories of boomers most interesting because you never know what you’re going to get. The days are gone when a person would work thirty plus years at the same menial job, reach age 65 and promptly check themselves into a senior’s residence to say goodnight. A great many boomers today are now seeing 65 as the beginning of a new life entirely!


Take the case of Jerry Byrne. Jerry was the former president and CEO of the DFB Group -  a company that he helped grow from a dozen employees to 450, from a million dollars in annual revenue to $80 million a year.  Finally making the decision to retire at the age of 62, it soon became clear that this ‘break’ wasn’t to last.  Like the eagle, Jerry chose to grow new wings and soar to new possibilities, finding himself back in the business world – but much happier than he previously thought possible.

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