How boomers can enjoy freedom without retiring

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Baby boomers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

A recent Harris/Decima poll found that 69% of Canadians plan to continue working after retirement age — some by financial necessity, but most by choice.

Most baby boomers like to work and consider their professional accomplishments the defining factor of their lives.

However, as they approach retirement, they also want time to travel, take courses, volunteer, spend time with the grandchildren, pursue hobbies and pastimes or just enjoy a less stressful lifestyle.

Some even want to start their own business alongside their existing career or transition to an entirely new career.

In other words, baby boomers want it all!

Even a good majority of the remaining 31% would consider staying on after the magic age of 65 if their employer offered flexible work arrangements that allowed for “part-time retirement.”

This part-time approach to retirement is music to the ears of many organizations.

They’re realizing that it takes three new workers to replace one knowledgeable and skilled mature worker and, with a looming talent shortage, many employers are starting to cater to older employees today to avoid being short-staffed tomorrow.

As a result, more baby boomers are being enticed to stay in the workforce through flexible work options that include:

  • working from home, the cottage or condo in Florida
  • compressed work weeks
  • part-time employment
  • consulting
  • contract or seasonal work
  • flexible hours

Some companies are also offering leaves of absence or sabbaticals to allow employees to take longer periods of time off for personal pursuits.

But flexible work arrangements don’t just appeal to the over 50 crowd.

Workers of all ages, and especially those with children, like the ability to start and leave early, telecommute from home on occasion and work compressed workweeks. A Michigan State University study found that companies that allow flexible schedules and reduced workloads experience fewer turnovers, greater development and even reduced costs.

As they’ve done for decades, Boomers are driving change and they’re about to change the way society views age, retirement and the way we all work.

Barbara Jaworski is Canada’s leading expert on boomers, chief KAA-Boomer of the Workplace Institute and author of Rebel Retirement – A KAA-Boomer’s Guide to Creating and Living an Explosive Second Act.

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