KAA-Boom Success Stories: An Interview with David and Francine

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“What’s your story?”  I took to the street this past week to interview baby boomers about this very question, analyzing their past and looking ahead towards their future – I was quite surprised to hear what a lot of them had to say.

David is a self employed therapist, helping people recover from infidelity. After being in field for 30 years, he decided it would be best to enter private practice and start being his own boss.  Working from home, with his companion Francine as his part-time bookkeeper, has given them both much more flexibility and happiness than they’d previously had working for someone else.

“So how long do you plan on continuing to work?” I asked, “Do you have any interest in retiring?” “I don’t have a definitive answer for you,” David shrugs, “Maybe in the next five to seven years I could consider semi-retirement.” Francine takes this opportunity to tease him about being a workaholic.

“I’m not a workaholic!” David protests, “But I am very passionate and driven about what I do.” He pauses and goes on to talk about his vision for the future, “Ideally I’d like to set my practice up to have some residual income.  So I can have income coming in and take more time off to enjoy life.”

David is not the only one of this mindset. More and more boomers everywhere are choosing to leave full time work and turn to part-time, mobile, or self-employed means. They crave a healthy work-life balance, something where they can have a bit of income coming in and still have time to do all the things they love. And who wouldn’t, really?

The digital age has shaped and changed the workforce greatly.  With a computer, internet, fax machine and mobile phone, boomers are able to work virtually anywhere around the globe, for anyone and on schedules that suit them best. Want to work remotely from your lodgings while you winter in Florida? No problem.  Happiness can come first, even after 65. With good health on your side and a healthy desire to learn and experience new things, there’s no stopping the possibility of what you can achieve.

Barbara Jaworski is Canada’s leading expert on boomers, chief KAA-Boomer of the Workplace Institute and author of Rebel Retirement – A KAA-Boomer’s Guide to Creating and Living an Explosive Second Act. You can find out more at http://www.KAA-Boom.com

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