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Everyone has a story, I personally find the stories of boomers most interesting because you never know what you’re going to get.  The days are gone when a person would work thirty plus years at the same menial job, reach age 65 and promptly check themselves into a senior’s residence to say goodnight. A great [...]


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Everyone has a story.  Who you are, the city you grew up in, your first job, first love, marriage, kids – these are just some of the unique milestones that make us up as people, and no two stories are the quite the same.  I took to the street this past week to interview baby [...]


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Why is there a talent crisis?  Yes, people are retiring but there are younger employees ready to step into those vacating positions right?  Well, yes — and no. There’s a talent crisis because the majority of senior and mid-level roles in most organizations are occupied by individuals between 48 and 65 – the KAA-Boomers.  As [...]