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Everyone has a story, it’s compiled by the paths we take and the decisions we make throughout our lives.  Whether you’ve struggled your way to the top while fighting and overcoming a series of obstacles, or taken an easier more direct path to get where you are, your story is deeply rooted into every fiber [...]


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Everyone has a story.  Who you are, the city you grew up in, your first job, first love, marriage, kids – these are just some of the unique milestones that make us up as people, and no two stories are the quite the same.  I took to the street this past week to interview baby [...]


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Staying grounded Like most teenagers, Nancy Fowler had no idea what kind of career she wanted. So one day, her father, an Instructor at New Brunswick Community College, took her on a tour of the college. It was there she fell in love. “As soon as we entered the electronics lab I knew it was [...]